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Personal Name Hue, Eloisa Ebio
Resource Title Evaluation of frefrigerated margarine as phase change material and zeolite desiccant for temperature and humidity control in Philippine archives
Date Issued December 2015
Abstract Incorrect levels of temperature and relative humidity hasten the deterioration of archives. The current research sought to evaluate the capacity of refrigerated margarine and zeolite respectively as alternative temperature and humidity control agents in Philippine archives. Different amounts of the two test materials were used in the experimental setups. Their performance were measured against those of the commercially available PCM and desiccant, the room temperature and relative humidity, and the required storage condition for archives. It had been found out that the optimum amount of refrigerated margarine that could perform well in the archive was 120 grams as it resulted to an average temperature of 29.9475˚C, which was the closest any of the phase change materials used could get to achieve the standard archival temperature of 20˚C. On the other hand, the optimum amount for zeolite was 60 grams. It resulted to an average of 57.825% relative humidity, which was 17.825% higher than the required relative humidity for archives. Their best outcomes were observed when the two materials were introduced independently to the storage. The refrigerated margarine and zeolite still require a few improvements before they become ready for their intended applications in the archive. The small optimum amount of the refrigerated margarine and zeolite would be beneficial because that means that less would be spent on the cost of materials..
Degree Course Bachelor of Library and Information Science
Material Type Thesis/Dissertation
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