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Personal Name Puda, Veronica Villamayor
Date Issued March 2011
Abstract The recent internationally acclaimed successes of some of our local athletes once again spurred the interest of Filipinos in the field of Sports, whether as an Athlete engaged in Active Play, or as a Spectator for the purpose of Visual Display. In this sense,
a Sports event is an Arena where Work and Leisure coincides. In its recognition that Sports and Physical Activity are indispensable parts of society, the UP College of Human Kinetics requires a venue where the ‘heroic feats’ of the students in fields such as basketball may be demonstrated. This particular study, therefore, focuses on the design and development of a sports facility, the UP CHK Arena, which can be used as a venue for the University’s extracurricular and intercollegiate
events, such as sports competitions, rites, conferences, concerts and performances. However, in light of the University’s budget deficits, the UP CHK Arena, as well as all other future developments in the University, should be designed to be sustainable in the long run. This study explores the possibility of constructing a facility that shall attempt to tap one of the cleanest sources of alternative energy, the Sun and its daylight, through Tensile Fabric architecture.
Degree Course Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Language English
Keyword College of Human Kinetics UP Diliman
Material Type Thesis/Dissertation
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