Frequently Asked Questions


An online database that provides access to digital collections such as theses and dissertations for online viewing and provides the associate metadata regarding the documents (e.g. student and university name, year of graduation, document title, abstract, keywords).

A type of digital repository designed to collect the work of a particular institution (United States Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Association).
It is the official Institutional Repository of the University of the Philippines Diliman and as the flagship campus, it is also in charge of the permanent records of the offices of the UP System. It identifies, acquires, maintains, preserves and allows access to the digital institutional records and memory of the University.
Submitting your work has the following benefits:

● Scholarly works are disseminated and made accessible to a broader audience while the copyright of the author and the University is protected;

● A comprehensive library of UP Diliman’s academic output is created;

● UP’s digital heritage is created and preserved for the benefit of current and future users;

● The potential of UP’s intellectual/research output is uncovered for the benefit of a wider community;

● Increased engagement of the academic community’s participation in electronic publishing and digital libraries, maximizing their benefits in the pursuit of research, scholarship, and knowledge.