Steps in Submitting ETDs

  1. Checklist

Make sure you have the following documents/information/permissions with you before uploading:


  • final and approved Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) in PDF or PDF/A format  (group into four parts)
  • valid email addresses of advisers


Pages with Signatures

  • a scanned copy of your Thesis Approval Page with your Advisers' signatures (including endorsements, recommendations, etc.)
  • University Permission Page
  • other pages with signatures


Preliminary Pages

  • ETD must be classified as I, P, C or F.    (See Permission Marking on Title Page - Sample 1, Sample 2)  
  • copyright permissions  (if ETD contains accompanying material where student does not own the copyright)
  • abstract
  • Table of Contents
  • other parts of thesis/dissertation that is not part of the main text


Main Body 

  • actual text of thesis/dissertation, including the bibliography / references


Accompanying files in the accepted file formats  (Optional)

  • submit the accompanying file(s) issued with or intented to be used with the thesis/dissertation, e.g. audio files in MP3, images in JPG or PNG, videos in MPEG4/MP4.



  1. Log-In

Log in using your UP Webmail Account.



  1. Grant Permission

Make the necessary permissions.






  1. Describe Work

Input the details of your ETD. Make sure that the information you type matches those found in the final and approved ETD that you will upload.



  1. Upload Files

Upload the necessary files; make sure they are the prescribed format.






  1. Confirm Submission

Please review all the data you entered about your ETD. You may return to any of the previous steps for any corrections.

A notice will appear on screen if you have successfully completed the process. An email will also be sent to you and to your advisers after uploading.