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Personal Name Ledesma, Maria Patricia Naval
Resource Title UMBILICUS : Exploring the Production of Symbolic Space
Date Issued 31 August 2021
Abstract The thesis investigates space through installation, resulting in the creation of a personal symbolic space for solitary respite, represented by a walk-through spiral. It is inspired by Gaston Bachelard’s phenomenological contemplation of ambivalent experiences reconciled in a cycle through poetic imagination. This is rooted in Carl Jung’s belief that communication with the unconscious, through engagement with archetypal images in art, is necessary for psychic equilibrium — the foundation of art therapy practice.
Copper, gauze, and salt manufactured for everyday functions were assembled to construct an abstracted snail shell, recalling ancient associations of these materials with healing. The snail shell housed a walk-through spiral pathway leading to a center punctum. The gauze-walled path narrowed towards the center to represent going inward towards self, concealed by layers from the outside. Walking outwards from the center in the opposite direction led back to the outside to complete the cycle.
Citing theories of space production and spatial relationships as context, the artist located an ephemeral space for the personal and intimate within the outdoor environment. By responding to natural forces guided by intuitive processes as the methods of making, personal response was expressed through the treatment of materials and form.
By using archetypal symbols and ancient materials rife with personal meaning, Umbilicus embodied the artist’s process of inner healing.
Degree Course Master of Fine Arts
Language English
Keyword space, installation, archetypal symbol, walk-through, spiral, cycle, ephemeral
Material Type Thesis/Dissertation