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Personal Name Beliran, Joan M.
Resource Title Children's storybook searching using visual-based search interface information retrieval
Date Issued July 2018
Abstract This study was conducted to explore how young children search for storybooks by assembling visual icons in a visualized interfaced. The researcher also would like to discover their exhibited search behavior and strategies while interacting with the said platform.

Fifty children ages between 5-8 years old were asked to conduct search tasks using the visualized search interface. Their activities were silently observed and noted down on the observation sheet; their performed activities using the visualized search interface were also recorded using a video logger. Furthermore, interviews were also conducted to investigate on their reasons and selection preferences during the search task.

Visual searching using image as a search query has the potential to help children search for the books that they want. As the results of the study revealed that this is an effective information retrieval system for children. Since the latter tend to search for storybooks based on their appearance and illustrations. It was also discovered that children still have some difficulties in formulating queries.
Degree Course Master of Library and Information Science
Language English
Keyword Searching behavior; Searching strategies; Storybook searching; Visualized search interface
Material Type Thesis/Dissertation
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