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Personal Name Macasaet, Kristi Ma. Fevie V.
Resource Title The project on the history and development of Batangas Provincial Library
Date Issued 30 May 2019
Abstract History of every public library in the Philippines, together with the important role they play in community building, needs to be documented, promoted and preserved. This project aims to satisfy at least a small portion of that need by writing the history of Batangas Provincial Library with the following objectives: 1. to obtain historical data from a variety of primary and secondary sources; 2. to create and preserve source material for future studies; and, 3. to make this available to everyone through printed materials to serve as informational material for the library. Variety of primary and secondary sources like government publications, annual reports, financial records, photographs, vertical files, local magazines, as well as, interviews for eyewitness accounts are gathered and organized for ten weeks and yielded the following results: a narrative on Batangas Provincial Library history and different information materials such posters, cardboard fan flyers, and bookmarks for promotion. During the course of this project, it came out that the study and documentation of library history were ignored and neglected. Only few records were kept thus oral history was not even recorded. This project then is timely that it also represents a realistic starting point for a holistic compilation of public library accounts in the province. Thus, this is useful and beneficial to those researchers looking for guides in establishing other library’s historical narrative.
Degree Course Masters of Library and Information Science
Language English
Keyword Batangas Provincial Library; Library development
Material Type Thesis/Dissertation
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