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Personal Name Dela Paz, Jenefer S.
Resource Title The information needs of street children in selected areas in District IV of Quezon City
Date Issued May 2017
Abstract Street children have access to various communication platforms such as television and radio. These platforms act as a good avenue for them to grow and develop holistically. As these children experience developmental transitions, adequate and sufficient amount of information is needed to supplement their daily lives as well as surviving the street life. However, engaging to activities like working and begging hinder these children from receiving those kinds of knowledge and information.

A total of 18 street children found along Barangay UP Campus, Barangay UP Village, and Barangay San Vicente were the respondents of the study. The respondents were interviewed after a verbal assent or their parent's informed consent was given. An open-ended interview questionnaire was used and was divided into two parts: (1) personal profile and (2) information needs. The interview was done on a one-on-one approach.

Results show that the street children in Barangay UP Village and Barangay San Vicente have access to the biggest platform of information resources which are the television and radio. However, they lack the education and proper guidance on how to use the information that they have garnered. Furthermore, street children often visit public libraries depending on their location. Some of them do not go to libraries due to lack of knowledge about its location, lack of knowledge about the activities done in the said institution, as well as their lack of knowledge about their rights in accessing different kinds of information.

Recommendation for this study includes the suggested programs for public libraries that may help address problems regarding street children as library users. Collaboration with different organizations such as NGOs, barangay officials, social workers, and others will also be a big help in reaching out street children.
Degree Course Bachelor of Library and Information Science
Language English
Keyword Information needs analysis; Quezon City; Street children
Material Type Thesis/Dissertation
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