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Personal Name Gonzales, Timothy B.
Resource Title A study on the factors that affect the stress levels of the University of the Philippines Diliman library personnel
Date Issued April 2013
Abstract The fast-paced library environment has called for more than what the library professionals did in the past both in their personal characteristics and professional characteristics coupled with other physical environmental factors. This has turned the library professionals a possible stress high-risk profession. Following a descriptive-correlation design, this study focused on identifying the factors that affect the stress levels of library personnel in the University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD). This study was participated by 111 UPD Library personnel from 32 out of 35 unit libraries in UPD.

The data gathered from the survey questionnaires revealed that:1a) UPD library personnel varies in terms of age, seventy-seven percent of the respondents were female, fifty-three percent of the respondents are married, and most of the respondents belong to a small family 1b) Fifty-eight percent (64) are licensed, most of the respondents stayed long as librarians and most of them perform circulation services and computer related tasks 1c) Forty percent (44) have a working area greater than 500 sq. meters, seventy-six percent (84) have more than ten thousand volumes in their collection, and forty-three percent (48) have greater than 100 users per day, or 43% (48) 2) UP Diliman library personnel rated 1.77 on their stress level 3) Organizational stressors posted a mean score of 2.89, job and career stressors resulted to a mean score of 2.37, and 4) Physical manifestations occur at an average of 2.04 and behavioral manifestations occur at an average of 1.70.

Further, this study concludes that UP-Diliman Library Personnel experienced null level of stress, organizational stressors in general can cause stress at a moderate extent to UPD Library personnel, job and career stressors result to a mild impact on stress to library personnel, and both physical and behavioral manifestations of stress rarely occur to UPD Library Personnel. Among personal characteristics of UPD library personnel, civil status is considered to significantly affect stress of the respondents. While along professional characteristics, nature of library work was found to significantly affect stress. Further, among physical environmental factors, library work area was found to be related to their stress levels. Finally, job and career stressors were also found to significantly affect their stress levels.
Degree Course Bachelor of Library and Information Science
Language English
Keyword Job stress; Library employees; University of the Philippines Diliman libraries
Material Type Thesis/Dissertation
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