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Personal Name Odan, Charmenne Diane V.
Resource Title Ylanan Stadium: The University of the Philippiines’ Track and Soccer Arena
Date Issued March 2011
Abstract The University of the Philippines College of Human Kinetics plays a major role in the promotion and implementation of sports and physical education in the University. Being labeled as the National University, U.P. is suited to be the venue for developments in the field of physical education and sports. Other developing countries incorporated the use of educational institutions for their sports development programs. This also means that the National University can contribute more to the field of physical education and sports. Moreover, the sports facilities and architectural spaces may help in the development and implementation of sports programs. This thesis aims to identify the need for a stadium as one of the facilities needed by the CHK for its users and its curriculum. With these identified, spaces and other elements will be derived to be used in the conceptualization and design of the new Sports Facility. The Stadium will hopefully address the needs and changes associated with the College of Human Kinetics, as well as the University, and the corresponding conditions of its proposed location. Also, with the theme UP Futures, the new Stadium will hopefully embody the institution and bring UP architecture into new heights while retaining the UP identity despite the monumental scale of the structures and blending into
the other existing institutional buildings.
Degree Course Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Language English
Keyword College of Human Kinetics University of the Philippines Diliman; sports stadium
Material Type Thesis/Dissertation
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