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Personal Name Cansanay, Pauline Zedek M.
Resource Title Development of a trouser pattern for a person diagnosed with achondroplasia
Date Issued 29 January 2021
Abstract Little People have been struggling with finding proper-fitting clothes in the market. Most garments in the market are created to address the clothing needs of average-sized people, leaving the uniquely built outside the scope of the garment industry’s target market. This study aimed to identify particular characteristics of Filipino Little People, specifically in the lower body part, to determine the necessary adjustments needed to create a proposed trouser pattern block for the said community. Using the descriptive research methodology, an online-survey on common concerns faced by Little People on ready-to-wear pants as well as their style preferences was conducted to gather ideas that would further improve the overall outcome of the pattern. The respondents were purposively selected for the survey. Due to the lockdown restrictions, the researcher was only able to reach a few (7) respondents. One female Little Person was then
selected to provide lower body measurements for the analysis of a Little Person’s lower body proportion and for the development of the trouser pattern. Based on the collected data, the common problem areas of a pants stem from its length, waist, hip, and crotch area which could possibly be due to Little People’s unique body characteristics such as the curving of the bottom part of their spinal cord which adds volume to the bottom part of a Little Person’s body. In addition, with conformance to the collected body measurement from the selected participant, the Little Person’s body proportion greatly varies from that of an average-sized person which results to the participant’s waist, hip, and thighs falling into different sizes separately making it difficult to find a bottom garment that would fit appropriately. Thus, making Little People’s unique body proportions a substantial factor that possible garment manufacturers for Little People should consider.
Degree Course Bachelor of Science in Clothing Technology
Language English
Keyword Achondroplasia; Clothing and dress--Philippines; Dwarfs (People)--Clothing; Pants--Philippines--Pattern design
Material Type Thesis/Dissertation
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