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Personal Name Casanova, Kathryn C.; Presbitero, Edric T.
Resource Title A Template design for the center for dual system technologies sustainable human resource development towards industrialization
Date Issued March 1995
Abstract The theme "Enhancing Filipino Productivity and Creativity through a Built Environment," has one of its possible ends, people empowerment. People empowerment as described in the Medium Term Philippine Development Plan, is "increased investment in human capital through education, training, improved basic services in health and nutrition, increased access to productive resources, and diffusion of technology".

The Dual System Approach is an emerging new concept in training adapted from Germany which seeks to reform the existing technical-vocational education system into something that is both relevant and responsive to the demands of the changing times.

Despite this, however, it has not been suitably implemented to cater to the needs of the majority of the Filipino workforce. Upon evaluation, two problems have become apparent: (1) there is no effective means of diffusing information regarding the Dual System Concept; and (2) there is no clear guideline on how the concept can be easily employed.

This thesis aims to address these problems by supplementing the objectives of the Dual System Concept with an architectural design template of a feasible institutional facility as a venue for its development, showcase and dissemination. This template shall serve as a prototype of the Center for Dual System Technologies for a more comprehensive plan and for future industrial developments.
Degree Course Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Language English
Keyword Sustainable technology -- Designs and plans.
Material Type Thesis/Dissertation
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