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Personal Name Mangahas, Rommel S.; Geronimo, Celestino Jr., S.; Landayan, Enrico V.
Resource Title An Alternative approach to fishing village design: an application of Tausug, Samal, Badjaw concepts
Date Issued March 1995
Abstract This study if the Tausug-Samal-Badjaw concepts involves the analysis of pre-existing patterns and architectural character of the three cultures in Sulu. It applies, in general, to fishermen's villages and fishing ports throughout the Philippine archipelago with considerations in cultural and site conditions. The applicability of the concepts is based on the specific project in which concepts are applies. Thus, the application is not recommended as a general rule but as a guideline in the design of fishermen's villages. The application of concepts in this study was achieved through a design criteria which determined the pros and cons of several concepts.

In general, the Tausug-Samal-Badjaw General Planning Concepts of the Triad, Tree Pattern, Sama-Sama, Clustered and off-shore Developments are the basic principles in the study. Specific and more detailed concepts are influenced by the necessities arising from the projects.

This thesis shall serve as a step towards an integration of concepts form one culture to another, while retaining the individual, architectural traditions of the serviced community.
Degree Course Bachelor of Science in Architecture
Language English
Keyword Offshore -- Designs and plans.; Fishing villages -- Sulu -- Designs and plans.
Material Type Thesis/Dissertation
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