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Personal Name Estaquio, Ren Paulo C.
Resource Title A numerical study on performance enhancement of locally produced axial-flow fans for grain drying
Date Issued 13 January 2023
Abstract Utilization of a flatbed dryer (FBD) as a postharvest technology particularly in grain drying is continuously thriving in the Philippines. Throughout the years, its drying chamber component has been upgraded continually to improve the overall dryer efficiency. However, its mechanical component, the fan, which drives the heated air into the chamber was found to perform poorly compared to international commercial fans.

The design of one of the tested locally produced fans is investigated through numerical methods, specifically using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), for potential development to achieve higher efficiency. In this way, parametric investigations can be performed at a much less cost compared to the cost of conducting physical testing. A general CFD model is developed to replicate the local standard procedure of testing agricultural fans and blowers. Furthermore, the present study uses the model to examine the effects of varying three (3) blade parameters such as the blade count, the tip clearance, and the pitch angle on the aerodynamic performance of a reference fan.

FBD requires a specific static pressure and volume flow rate (Ps-Q) depending on its drying chamber’s capacity and type. A methodology is introduced to capture the optimal rotational speed that applies for both individual Ps-Q and a range of static pressures.
Degree Course MS Mechanical Engineering
Language English
Keyword axial fan; flatbed dryer; CFD
Material Type Thesis/Dissertation
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