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Personal Name Molinyawe, Michell Z.
Resource Title Family adversities and coping mechanisms of front liners during the COVID-19 pandemic
Date Issued 13 September 2023
Abstract The pandemic affected families worldwide, especially those with front liners as family members. This qualitative study aims to illustrate the adverse experiences and coping mechanisms of front liners, both healthcare and other essential workers, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Twenty Filipino families residing in Metro Manila participated in this study; 10 families have at least one member in the health service, and another 10 have at least one member who is an essential worker. Due to mobility restrictions and for health safety, online interviews were used in this study. An accredited research ethics board approved the research protocol of the study. Results showed that participants were challenged physically due to covid-related, work, and school-related issues and lifestyle changes. Their families also experienced mental health challenges, stress caused by health-related issues; work/school adjustments; disconnection with peers/family members, and financial difficulties. Financially, many participants experienced an increase in their expenses but a decrease in income. On the brighter side, there is a positive impact on the dynamics of family relationships, though there were still noticeable adverse effects. Various coping mechanisms were noted for each category of adversity. Participants had to enhance their technology literacy to adjust to the new work setting. Implementation of proper financial management helped minimize financial difficulties. Proper precautionary measures, hygiene and health consciousness were practiced by participants to ensure physical health safety. In addition the presence of family and friends, hobbies, and faith in God helped in creating positive mental health. Communication and bonding with family members aid in maintaining positive relationships among participants. A Family Adversity Index (FAI) was also created in this study to measure the level of adversity experienced by the family participants. However, results revealed that not onl
Degree Course Master of Science in Home Economics
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Keyword Family adversity; Front liner; Coping mechanisms; COVID- 19 pandemic, 2020- -- Philippines; Families -- Health and hygiene -- Philippines; Life skills -- Philippines -- Family; Public health personnel -- Philippines
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