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Personal Name Grageda, Jan Nicolas
Resource Title Chemical and Sensory Properties of Pandesal Fortified with Eggshell Calcium Powder
Date Issued 31 May 2019
Abstract The effect of chicken eggshell powder supplementation on the physical, chemical and sensory properties of pandesal were studied. Pretreated eggshells were cabinet dried for 10 minutes at 137˚C and resulted in an 87% yield from the original eggshell sample. Calcium content obtained was 38.3%. Fortification level was set to meet at least 33% of the Philippine Daily Recommended Intake (750mg) for male adult (19-29 years old), assuming one serving of pandesal a day.
The results from the analyses showed a slightly darker crumb color, larger pore size and white calcium particles present on the crust and within the crumb of the fortified pandesal. In terms of moisture and ash content, the fortified pandesal contained 18.5% and 2.4%, respectively. Calcium content naturally increased from 24.6 (control) to 510 mg per 100 g sample (fortified). Despite the increase in the amount of calcium in the fortified pandesal, the level of calcium is still short by 18.39% to achieve the expected amount of 250 mg per 40 g serving of pandesal. Consumer acceptance test revealed no significant differences in terms of the crust and crumb color, appearance and crumb texture. On the other hand, in terms of aroma, flavor, crust texture and overall acceptability, the calcium-fortified and control were found to be significantly different. Although significantly different in terms of these properties, the calcium-fortified pandesal still obtained higher mean scores, therefore deeming it more acceptable than the control pandesal. The feasibility of chicken eggshell powder as natural fortificant may be an appropriate and cheap source of calcium for human nutrition.
Degree Course Bachelor of Science in Food Technology
Language English
Keyword Bread--Quality--Philippines; Calcium; Calcium in human nutrition--Philippines; Eggshell Calcium Powder; Food--Sensory evaluation--Philippines; Pandesal; Pandesal
Material Type Thesis/Dissertation
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