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Personal Name Pacis, Michael C.
Resource Title An adaptive overcurrent relay coordination scheme for weakly meshed distribution networks with distributed generation
Date Issued 17 July 2019
Abstract When a certain line was short circuited on a distribution network, the traditional response to this condition is to disconnect any distributed generation connected in the power system. However, this may cause unnecessary power failures to other zones that are not affected by the fault. Therefore, there is a need to introduce an adaptive protection scheme that would address this problem. This thesis presents new methods to develop an adaptive coordination scheme for medium voltage distribution networks particularly weakly meshed distribution systems with the presence of distributed generation.
Digital relays equipped with communication capabilities were used in this study because of its adaptive behavior. The main relay control unit (MRCU) on the main substation of the network will constantly update the state of the system. If there is a change of state, the MRCU will send the new predetermined relay settings to the digital relays. The adaptive scheme was tested using the 46 Bus Italian Medium Voltage Distribution Network which is a weakly meshed system.
Overall, results show that the introduction of the novel method of generating all set of sequential pairs for mesh and radial connected system solves the problem of relay coordination. Furthermore, the development of new methods for the creation of the database generates the offline or predetermined relay settings for the MRCU, which is the all possible scenarios of n-1 and n-2 outages with the DG were still connected to the power system.
Degree Course Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Language English
Keyword overcurrent relay protection, adaptive protection, digital relays, weakly meshed distribution network.
Material Type Thesis/Dissertation
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