Status : Accepted for Review/Revision
Personal Name Le, Diep Quang
Resource Title Removal of heavy metal ion from wastewater using modified Dimocarpus longan adsorbents
Date Issued 24 June 2019
Abstract This study investigated the adsorption behavior of Lead (Pb) ions in an aqueous solution onto surface-modified material prepared from longan seed, a waste discarded from longan dried fruit processors. The adsorption equilibrium isotherm and adsorption kinetics were determined. The batch adsorption – experiments were carried out under the following condition: a) pH of initial solution (1 – 6); b) contact times (5 – 240 minutes); and, c) solid – liquid ratio (0.5 - 15 g/L). The results show that optimum conditions for Pb (II) removal were found to be at initial pH 4.5, adsorbent dosage at 5 g/L of solution, and adsorption equilibrium was reached after 30 minutes. The compatibility between the model and experimental data suggested that the Pb (II) adsorption onto the surface - modified material followed the Langmuir adsorption isotherm, and also exhibited a behavior similar to that of the Freundlich isotherm. However, Langmuir adsorption isotherm provided the best fit with a maximum adsorption capacity of 42.03 mg/g. The kinetic data followed a pseudo – second order reaction indicating that the chemical sorption was the rate – limiting step. In conclusion, the modified material produced could be considered as a potentially effective and inexpensive adsorbent material for the removal of Lead ions from aqueous solutions.
Degree Course Master
Language English
Keyword Longan, carbon activated
Material Type Thesis/Dissertation